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zodiac outlaw


Posted on 2011.01.13 at 18:26
Yes, you.

You are great.



Posted on 2010.04.14 at 22:05
Some people (bphaines, I'm looking at you) say that the best Glee quote is: "...girl who thinks the square root of 4 equals rainbows."

For a long time, I agreed. It's sharp, snarky, witty, and hilarious. But it has context. Kurt is privately degrading Quinn to make himself feel superior in order to find a space for himself within the fantasy he has built between him and Finn. This gives it actual worth within the show, which detracts from its random hilarity.

However: "Did you know that dolphins are really just gay sharks?" has no context. It has no fucking context. It is random, stupid, out of the blue, and completely bombastically hilarious.

I'm sorry. SquareRoot4Rainbows must forever take second place to DolphinsAreGaySharks, from this day forward. Those little bottle-nosed perverts...



Posted on 2010.04.08 at 22:58
Bad news: my phonology class runs really late. Like, I get home near midnight on Thursdays.

Good news: I think I kind of like the class. It's fun.

Bad news: The teacher sucks. She can't even conjugate verbs half the time and it really irks me because I think she doesn't like my US accent which is dumb as shit. Especially since her pronunciation when talking (not when exemplifying phonemes) is shit.

Good news: knee deep in gorgeous women. Knee. Deep.

paris bloody santa

I thought this was cool.

Posted on 2010.04.03 at 05:50
Fight Club
The Return of Hobbes

under pressure

Sort of how I feel right now.

Posted on 2010.02.15 at 19:37

sci-fi joker

Poor, poor fangirls.

Posted on 2010.02.15 at 14:56
Robert Pattison really hates vaginas.

sci-fi joker


Posted on 2010.02.12 at 18:12


Spiritual Rape and Gay Seismic Movements.

Posted on 2010.02.03 at 18:35
Not kidding.

hammer 'n' sickle

Oral stimulation of the genitals, oh my!

Posted on 2010.01.25 at 22:40
For fuck's sake; this has to be the stupidest... I mean, really? At least banning Farenheit 451 was humorously ironic. This is just dumb.

I also love how it's a priest that's calling them on their bullshit. It's so backwards!

under pressure

It really is true: when it rains, it pours.

Posted on 2010.01.17 at 16:36
Locus: mi casa, buenos aires
Spirit: depressed, but coping
Hymn: the sound of my fan
So after my unfortunate bout of "omfg my computer died" and after lightening my wallet considerably in the process of getting a new one, I found out I'm getting laid off.

To be fair, it's entirely my fault. I hated the job and I did a lot of stupid things that I knew, at least subconsciously, would end up getting me fired. I should probably quit first, since it's a municipal job and if I want to teach in public schools in the future I don't want "got fired from a municipal job" on my public record.

On the bright side, I suck at being proactive and being unemployed will probably give me the harrowing oomph I need to go out and look for a job that I enjoy more, or can at least tolerate. Or, you know, build a student base and start private tutoring, which would be awesome.

So anyway, early warning: if I end up disappearing for a while, it's probably because I just couldn't afford to pay my internet bill for the time being. No danger of that happening very soon, but it might in the future.

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